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Red Zebra Photography was founded in the summer of 2005.  Gerald had been passionate about photography since childhood and had made the journey through roll film, 35mm, black and white, colour, prints and slides into the digital age of photography.  Digital Photography and the Internet enabled Gerald to meet the needs of people to have their images taken and available for viewing and purchase within hours.  Hence while for some clients there will always be a need for professionally produced and presented prints there is now the almost instant thrill of owning a high quality image.  Using up to date digital cameras, software, technology and imaging Red Zebra is proud of the legend:  

High quality imaging ~ direct to you. Memories speak louder than words.


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Now based in Norwich, Norfolk but covering the whole UK Red Zebra has grown to become a leading event photography company as well as commercial, studio and location working with individual clients, companies and charities.  Our aim is to produce high quality, bespoke, photographic images for clients, participants and the public which are readily accessible in a short period of time.


The distinctive black and red work wear of the Red Zebra staff has become a familiar sight at events when working for clients.  Red Zebra’s images have been featured by The National Trust, Event Plan, One Step Beyond Promotions, Pike and Shot, Nottinghamshire County Council, MSN, the National Union of Teachers and various publications as well as supplying stock images to publishing and internet companies.  You can see examples of our work on the Home and Images pages.


The background of Red Zebra staff is mainly educational bringing not only their photographic skills but also those of positive people skills, good communications, logistics and our understanding of Health and Safety to provide a complete package which will add prestige to any event or occasion as well as recording it for posterity with high quality images. 


Red Zebra’s style of photography brings images to life with vibrancy and a sense of occasion.  Wide angle shots for impact or close up Bokeh images, the interaction of photographers and people forms and important part of our philosophy whether it is at a sports event, a formal occasion, a party or a historical re-enaction. 


Our Products

Albums and Folios feature on the Red Zebra web site and enable clients and the public to view our images.  Albums are the current images displayed as thumbnails on the page.  These can be accessed via the Albums page and can be enlarged with a single click or a by viewing a slide show of all the images started from an Album page, we also provide the option to save to a light box or purchase prints or downloads via the secure online service.  For large events the images are in sub Albums to enable clients to look through the images more efficiently.  Albums can be open to the public or private with a secure password which is given to the client.  Free downloads can also be provided for a client of a private album to allow those people with the password this facility.


Folios are for individual events and accessed by the top navigation bar for the named event.  This is a quick method of scrolling through the images which can again be enlarged or turned into a slide show.  Purchasing from a Folio follows the same process as purchasing from an Album.  The pricing for downloads and prints is very competitive and prints are produced by professional photographic printers who then mail them directly to the client.


Both Albums and Folios have the “Show Someone” feature which enables a small copy of the images to be e mailed to another person.  Please note that all images on the displays are water marked and of reduced quality for web presentation.  If you have missed an image look at our Stock Images archive which is searchable by key words.


Stock Images are Red Zebra’s archive of past years of photography.  The archives are set up by subject and searchable by key words or themes.  Historical re-enaction stock is by period up to 2009 and also by event from 2010.  These images are aimed at both the publication and personal markets.  The images are mainly editorial free and can be purchased for sole use if required.  The pricing is very competitive and according to the size of the download.  For bulk purchases of images please contact Red Zebra for a quote.


This Month features the Product of the month highlighting an aspect of Red Zebra’s photography.  Product of the day is a special offer of a download for just £1 from our Stock a different image is chosen each day.  Images feature Red Zebra’s photography to complement those shown on the Home page.  Red Zebra’s photography of public events are shown on the Events Page.


Red Zebra Camera Tuition experience.  Combining over thirty years of education with his photographic skill Gerald now offers one to one or group tuition in photography.  See our web page for details.


 What can we do for you?

Contact us by phone or e mail with your imaging needs for a very competitive price based on the size, location and the product you require from the photography.  All of our quotes are individual and based on the specifications of the shoot requirements.


Add prestige to your event or occasion and have a lasting set of images to base your memories on.


 Too expensive?  Contact us and find out. 

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Red Zebra Photography.


Based in Norwich, Norfolk.  Photographing Nationwide.

All images copyright Red Zebra Photography 2005 to 2018.  For more information see www.redzebraphoto.co.uk or e mail us on contact@redzebraphoto.co.uk or 07973432204 ~  01508 570934